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Learn at the Anderson County Museum.

The Anderson County Museum is a place to explore, listen, read, discover, and enjoy. One important area of focus is meeting the needs of our school groups by providing programs that will enhance the classroom learning experience. All programs are designed to address numerous social studies standards for each grade level. Students will have an interactive experience while connecting their community with influences that create a unique and diverse society within our state, country, and around the globe.

For K-12 audiences, our school programs are designed to address South Carolina social studies standards. Our programs enrich classroom curriculum and provide an engaging, hands-on journey into the significant parts of Anderson County history.

Teachers and chaperones are required on all ACM visits and tours. One adult teacher or chaperone is requested per six students. All students must conduct themselves appropriately while visiting the museum. Please ask students to display good behavior and not run through the gallery, climb on exhibits, or consume food and beverages in the museum. Students should be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times during their visit. When you arrive, please allow enough time for students to take a restroom break. ACM has shaded outdoor picnic tables that you are welcome to use for lunches or snacks, these must be reserved when booking your field trip or tour. Please make sure to clean up afterwards.child with king of mirth exhibit

Educational Events

A field trip or tour can be tailor-made for your age group or grade. You can explore the entire museum on your own or book a tour with a docent in advance. Numerous standards at each grade level will be addressed during a tour. Tours generally last one hour depending on the age of the group and how much time you have to visit. Field trips are recommended for grades K-2 and homeschool groups.

Some of our permanent exhibits are:

• South Carolina Heritage Corridor – describes the nine towns on the Heritage Trail that make up Anderson County.
• King of Mirth Shows – a miniature model of the Anderson County fair in the early 20th century.
• By the Book – a historical view of education through the years in Anderson County.
• Trade Street – a reflection of the historic business culture throughout the county.
• Turbines and Textiles – shows the importance of electricity and textiles to Anderson County.
• Routes of History – Phase I, II and III – The Anderson Airport, the Anderson Trolley, the Ferry, the Auto-mobile, and the Railroad.

Explore field trips and tours by grade level