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Andersonians in War

The Deadline to purchase a block in Veterans Hall will be July 1, 2022.

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Coming soon: Andersonians in War exhibit is military history displayed through the experience of Anderson County veterans.

The Anderson County Museum is in the construction phase of our new permanent exhibit, Andersonians in War. Highlighting the heroes of our county and its rich military history, this permanent exhibit will zoom in on the personal experiences of those who were there, giving visitors a chance to live these stories rather than simply read them. Each tale included in this exhibit will offer a unique window into our military past, from the Revolution to the modern day. Our hope and mission is to preserve the stories of our county’s veterans, past and present, and to inspire appreciation for the sacrifices they have made for the betterment of this county, state, and nation.

Opening later this year, Andersonians in War will offer the military history of our county and state. Designed by Chapman Design Group Inc., military history will be displayed through the experiences of real Anderson County veterans. Covering each major American conflict from the founding of our nation to the modern era, we will focus on real people from Anderson, whose lives offer unique glimpses into these familiar histories. Beginning with the Indian Wars and the American Revolution, we will see how our nation and state were forged out of the heat of battle.

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